Interview: Model Passie Umuhoza on Adversities, Her Favourite Photoshoot and Dream Job

When Passie discovered modelling as another outlet to be creative, photoshoots became a way of self-expression and getting to know how she could pose, unfold and take over the role of the theme. She started doing everything from styling to deciding the theme of photoshoots together with the photographers. Click the title to read the full post!

Interview: Canadian Music Artist NDAI Shares Her Goals and the Meaning of Songs “Time Heals All Wounds” and “Nobody’s Ting”

NDAI has been recording music since she was 16. However, she took a hiatus from music for a while to grow and live a little. “I always wanted my music to be real and I knew at that age, I hadn’t lived enough to write authentically. I didn’t want to rely on other people to write for me. I do write and I’ve always loved writing. I’m constantly learning and growing as a songwriter..." Click the title to read the full post!


What is life with no appetite?

Interview: Parked at a Years-Long Funeral

This ghost that lingers in the living room, confined to a recliner, watching endless re-runs -- this is not my father. This is a shell of a man who was my whole world. Every day is like a funeral. Click on the title to read the full post!

Interview: How Dementia Picked My Father Apart

We have a really strong bond and I felt my world crashing down around me upon hearing the news and I feel from that moment, it triggered a feeling in me - a horrible, hurt feeling - and that has just gotten worse and worse. I think the whole factor of this being Pick's as well added to this as it's very different from other dementias. Click on the title to read the full post!

Yeah, it happens.

Perhaps it was… Or… The one I met… The one I saw… Maybe… The one that approached… But of course it’s the older one… At that other place or somewhere… I don’t know. Anyway. Yeah, it happens. Click the title to read the full post!

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