Trendwatching: Female Entertainers and LGBTQ

It’s not new for celebrities across industries to keep their amorous relationships hidden to create an illusion of dating availability for admirers. However, this is not about whether or not they are *in* a relationship, this is about which letter of LGBTQ+ they are and how much they hint at it. Click on the title to read the full post!


Why Didn’t They: Therapy, Depression and Silence

Despite the frequency of suicidal thoughts and depression in society, when someone asks somebody else how they are doing, there are only a number of acceptable responses. Click on the title to read the full post!

YouTube Friends or Business Partners?

Since YouTube has proven itself to be a lucrative platform for creators, it is only natural that friendships get affected by it. Continue to read the full post!

Are You the Community Pleasure Activist?

International streaming services provided in entertainment what social media provided in communications. Continue to read the full post!

Women’s Empowering Role in Agricultural Production

By the growing number of food-conscious individuals, it is clear that there is a great desire to get back to healthier and more natural living. Which is exactly what these farms would do: local with a strong influence. Continue to read the full post!

Why the Abundance of Sequels and Reboots?

It is a frequently forgotten logic how influential consumers are. Continue to read the full post!

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