The Prepaid Phone Budget-Friendly Lifestyle: Pros and Cons


If you’ve led life any way similar to me, you may have used the phrase “call me, I can’t text” more often than you remember (not anymore, I keep those free extras I paid for in check). But it seems like there will be no shame in my game anytime soon as I’ve been calling and texting on a budget for the past ten years and plan on continuing.

Proud sidenote: Recently, I added mobile internet to my frugal game plan!!!

Worth a slow clap? *slow clap*

Worth an amen? Amen!

Worth an upgrade? Well… Like Kevin Hart… The way my bank account is set up… My time is coming, though! Right after earphone wires don’t get tangled up every. freakin’. day.


After 10 years of being a professional phone budget accountant, I believe to have garnered enough information on what are the main pros and cons of having a prepaid phone. Here they are!

You know precisely how much or little you’re spending.

Remind yourself to spend that precise amount, *sigh*, especially when your MNO “gifts” you free minutes to call and/or a free total of text messages for a certain relatively short period of time. If you don’t? Oh, man… If you don’t? LOL, you’re screwed :-)

With most providers I know of, there’s not a lot of paperwork involved. At most, you simply have to ID yourself with the phone number. That’s it. So, there’s plenty of wiggle room to switch up your type of service or manner of data/money usage however you see fit.

Less options. Sometimes you want a little bit of everything. The lovely positives of all. But, nah. You’re obliged to take the whole thing. If you want bits and pieces of different services, pay for them separately, each month, which costs more. If that’s not what you want, get a damned contract and have the privilege of choice! Obviously, I’m not greedy enough to want it all. My simple a*s is sticking to my simple lifestyle. People on a budget sacrifice.



You can easily keep score of how much you call and text. Evidently, you may even call and text more because… Pshh, well… I didn’t pay for those free minutes and messages to not use them.

You HAVE to keep score of how much you call and text!

No crazy, heartbreaking surprises when you get back from an international vacation. I remember those younger days when I didn’t know what roaming was and received messages about the costs of services, had me in a slight panicking. Now, I know how to turn that off. But I’ve heard stories… LMAO! And through empathy, felt their anger. Those poor souls. On the more optimistic side, at least they now know for sure that their flex plan can allow them to keep in touch with others abroad :-)))))

No con. Except for those who experienced the previous pro as a con, obviously. I sincerely hope you didn’t have to pay all of that or that you learned a valuable lesson.
Have you or are you living the prepaid phone lifestyle? How was/is it? Comment below.

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